Metal ceramics.

All our metal free crowns are manufactured using only CE marked materials and all our precious metal crowns are provided with a precious metal identification card which guarantees authenticity.

Our NHS alloys contain a minimum of  50% precious metal and our private alloys contain up to and including 86% gold. 

Evolution guarantee cards that come with all Evolution restorations.

Goldtech Bio 2000

Goldtech Bio 2000 offers surgeons the opportunity to prescribe a high content (99.7%) Gold alloy for unsurpassed biocompatibility that is proven to accumulate less plaque than its competitors.

The deep rich yellow colour of the alloy eliminates any shadows at the gingival margin and graying of the porcelain producing superior vitality and aesthetics.

No bonding is required as the restoration can be cemented with conventional cements, Goldtech Bio 2000 is the perfect solution for single units and three unit bridges in segments from second bicuspid to second bicuspid.

VIP Service

Do your patients deserve the very best that the lab has to offer?

If so then ask the laboratory about our VIP Restorations.

Our VIP restorations provide significant benefits for both the patient and the surgeon which include :

  • 3 day guaranteed turnaround (usually 5)
  • ALL work is returned by dedicated courier
  • Extended guarantee to 5 years on all work (instead of standard 3 years)
  • Senior and most advanced technicians under take ALL VIP restorations
  • ALL VIP work is returned in our presentation boxes
  • ALL VIP restorations come with a patient guarantee card