Zirco-Lite crowns are the cost effective Zirconia alternative to gold restorations. With the price of gold at an all time high Zirco-Lite has no alloy costs and provides a fixed price for all crown and bridge restorations.

Strength and accuracy, designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology. Sintered at very high temperatures Zirco-Lite crowns and Bridges have a flexural strength of over 1200 mpa.

Reasons to choose Zirco-Lite over Gold?

  • No alloy costs
  • Accurate fit
  • Superior strength
  • Metal FREE
  • Quick Turnaround


When it comes to dental implants and restorations we know the value of working with practitioners and oral surgeons as part of an overall team.

We offer a comprehensive range of implant systems to ensure that we can cater for patients and surgeons who are looking to achieve natural aesthetics as near to their existing teeth as possible.

Our experienced qualified technicians will help and advise on the suitable implant system for you and your patients.

The best implant restorations are defined by...

  • Restored Function
  • Preservation of Oral Structure
  • Natural Looking Aesthetics

Add this to our years of expertise and knowledge and you have a winning team.

We undertake work on the following implant systems:

Nobel BiocareStraumann implantsAstra Tech