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We offer 3 different types of Zirco-Lite. These are the following:­­


Zirco-Lite posterior only (Economy/NHS ONLY)

Zirco-lite crowns are the cost-effective alternative to gold restorations. With the price of gold at an all-time high Zirco-lite has no alloy costs and provides a fixed price for ALL crown and bridge restorations. Strength and accuracy designed and milled using CAD-CAM technology with a flexural strength of 1200MPa.


Zirco-lite (Independent/Private only)

Suitable for large span bridges, translucency suitable for posteriors but with the strength that is needed. This material is ideal for full contour crowns. Shades are well matched to the Vita shade guide. Sintered at high temperatures Zirco-lite crowns and bridges have a flexural strength of 1100MPa.


Zirco-lite Multilayer

With 5 layers of dental multilayer zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP-4Y-PSZ) with gradient translucency, colour and high translucency. It gives a natural colour gradient, translucency gradient with special adjustment and available in 16 vita shade guides and 4 bleach shades.

Shades are as follows:

A1  A2   A3   A3.5   A4   B1   B2   B3   B4   C1   C2   C3   C4   D2   D3   D4   BL1   BL2   BL3   BL4


Veneers, Inlay/Onlay, Reduce crown, Monolithic Crown Anterior, Monolithic crown posterior, Monolithic bridge (up to 3 units), Reduced bridge (up to 3 units), Hybrid Abutment Crown.